A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away...

Two American Soldiers, Ricky and Carmen, had a little guy with a big imagination. That little guy was me! 

As a military family, we travelled the world while meeting people from all walks of life. The neverending globe-trotting is what ignited my love for human behavior — my imagination went wild! At a young age, I would imitate what I'd seen and learned. Ultimately, performing weekly in my family's garage with milk crates and lamps — everything from CATS, Beauty and the Beast, the Catholic Mass, all with a cast of one — me!

Today, I get to share these awesome experiences through my work, creating honest characters with humility and vulnerability. Nothing excites me more... well, except dark chocolate and wine. 

Now, please imagine you're an explorer. I invite you to sift away at my site. Have fun and click as many links as you’d like to learn more about my journey and career.

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Till next time! - CM