“Carl-Michael Ogle’s good-hearted Frank is nicely offset by Lindsay Sutton’s irrepressible flibbertigibbet of an Ellie.” 

- Jeffrey Gantz, THE BOSTON GLOBE

"Sutton and Ogle are zany and likable”

 - Nancy Grossman, BROADWAY WORLD

"The song-and-dance man, Carl-Michael Ogle plays her loves interest, Frank Schultz, and is fast on the comebacks for their mock quarrels."

- Iris Fanger, THEATER MANIA 

"Charming in an entirely different way is Carl-Michael Ogle as Frank and Lindsay Sutton as Ellie, partners on the Cotton Blossom. Anything but self-deprecating, these two excitable scene stealers light up the stage. Their lighthearted banter and competitive nature are fun to watch as they playfully try to scheme their way to stardom"

- Jeanne Denizard, AXS.COM


“Of Dorothy’s three friends — it’s the long-haired, wobbly legged, boater-hatted Ogle who’s the most eye-catching, and the most sympathetic to Dorothy.”                                

- Jeffrey Gantz, THE BOSTON GLOBE

“Ogle is athletic and loosey-goosey as “The Scarecrow,” following in the hard-to-match footsteps of legends in the role such as the late Ray Bolger and Michael Jackson.”